Adult Groups

Adult Drama
It is never too late to get into drama for the first time. If we placed bets, we would go as far as guessing that you are an adult that once experienced drama in some capacity through your youth and now you are looking for that long lost spark or burning ember to reignite itself.

Whether you be new to drama or returning to drama, your path begins here. Our directorship team has run major productions in their past and there is no better time to be trained by the best in our area than now!

If you are already a professional dramatic artist and would like to strengthen some of your weaknesses, we are also here to facilitate your journey as well.

Please take the time to communicate with us your desires as an individual, and we will leverage the best of the Spaulding Method to fulfill your every need. Book Today

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Kids Groups

Kids Drama
Foster your child's creative side through the Kids Groups offered at the School of Drama. Read More

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