Drama is a deeply impactful tool for those that have had the pleasure to immerse themselves in it.  Drama allows you to be someone else for a period of time.  Drama allows for the release of self and letting go of selfish inhibitions.
It instills confidence in individuals young and old and it prepares us for the many times in life where performing well is necessary; as in job interviews, public speaking, right up to negotiating through arguments with colleagues.

Our desire in our Drama Program is to instill all these wonderful values into the lives and hearts of each and every student.  We will teach you everything it takes to become a well established dramatic artist and prepare you for just about every aspect of dramatic presentation.

Our philosophy is simple:
First we direct you to find the deep and strong character within you, then direct that strength into an unlimited amount of characters that can go forth and impact the world.

We believe in giving you as much stage experience as possible and that is why you'll find that our dramatic program comes filled with different performances across different areas.

Whether your desire is to seek drama as a professional career, or you simply want a foot in the field, or give your child an experience that is unlike anything else; our drama program is perfectly suited to facilitate your personal journey.
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