The Spaulding Method of Drama

Spaulding Method
The Spaulding School of Drama is founded upon equipping artists for real life dramatic experiences. We are here not only to teach fun games and "play tools" for dramatic artists, but also to take you into the deeper aspects of drama:
- Character Development
- Stage Direction
- Complex Blockings
- Line memorization tricks and far more.

The principle educators of the Spaulding School of Drama have lead major productions in their lives and are there to instill expertise across every area of drama.

It is our desire to equip you as an artist, director, playwright, performer but, most importantly, light a fire in your heart for drama that will last a lifetime.

We have developed many approaches to ensure this success however that is beyond depth of this website. We look forward to hearing from you so we can get started! Book Today


Drama Lessons
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Improv Program

Learn to improvize
Improvisation is one of the many aspects of drama, and arguably the most fun of them all! Read More

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