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Television Production Course

Now is your chance to begin a whole new career in Television and Film

Spaulding School of Drama is proud to bring you a very exclusive television and film training experience.  Through this experience you will everything you need to know to succeed in the television / film industry not only in Canada but also in the United States!

Here’s how it works:
Pat Jarosz is a leading talent agent in the movie and television industry with over 30+ years of experience.  She has placed actors, musicians and other talent in dozens of productions (Commercial, Television and Film) and will now show you not only how to audition and perform, but also strategies to get acquired with leading agencies in the industry like hers.

The course:
In true Spaulding Fashion, training customizes to your specific need if one-on-one training sessions are desired however the majority of students gain from our group training sessions.  Here is the outline:

Voice, Speech, Pronunciation, Proper Breathing
Learning how to present and project your voice is paramount to our success.  Through this group training session you will learn the tone of your voice, speech patterns, proper pronunciation and proper breathing techniques for success

Self Confidence
What does self confidence have to do with auditioning? EVERYTHING! Will discuss low confidence and how to raise individual confidence. 

How to audition for TV commercials
TV commercial scripts  Television auditioning process, what to expect, the process, how to stand out, specific terminology, and commercial scripts will be handed out 

TV commercial script performance
Students will perform their commercial scripts for the class 

How to audition for TV series and film Character synopsis
The difference between auditioning for commercials and tv series and film, the process, terminology, and the different types of performance; Comedy, Disney type comedy Drama How to know your character – subtext and characterization       

How to interpret your character, Becoming the Character
Scripts will be given to each student. Each student use what they learned in class 5, to determine their character, also learn about scene set up in a script, for an in person audition or self tape 

Script workshop
Here you will practice scripts with each other and instructor.  This is very key to your success.

Performance time!
Each student will be filmed performing their script for the class. Performance video will be emailed to each person. 

Voice Overs
Voice over work is different from other production work.  Here you will learn the nuances required to succeed.  You will also get a chance to work with commercial voice over scripts used in varying commercial voice over work.

Learn what you need to know to succeed in free form acting.  Who’s line is it anyway?  Improvisation exercises are especially helpful for tv series and film auditions  

CLASS 11 & 12:
THE BUSINESS of Acting  for students and parent
The nitty gritty of the biz:
Union Productions and non union productions, rates, Terminology, rules, becoming a UNION MEMBER An agent’s job, Actors Responsibility, how the parent can Help with their child’s success.

Once you are done this extensive course, you will be ready! 

This 12 week course begins at different times through the year so ask us for details.  Each class will always be small in size; in-fact only 10 students at a time!  This approach ensures the 1:1 attention you not only desire, but deserve.    

The cost is only $60 / week and there is a registration fee of $180 to start. (This fee simply covers start-up costs for each course).
- or - you can choose to pay for the entire course up-front.  All 12 weeks for only $780.  This approach saves you $120.

Now is your time to discover new success in the Television and Drama industry! 

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