Bryanna Vanderlek

Laura LaChapelle has been my acting teacher since 2012 when I participated in the Performing Arts program through the Wasaga Beach Recreation Center. Laura is an empowering teacher and skilled at  explaining things. She elicits excitement and energy in her plays. She excels at giving roles to her students that brought out the best in each of us.  I so enjoyed participating,  that I signed up for the class for as many years as my age allowed.  When I become too old for the program, Laura gave me the opportunity to volunteer to help out with the Performing Arts summer camp. With her latest production of Wizard of Oz, she entrusted me with the role of the assistant director.  I have gained a wealth of experience from the opportunities that Laura has given me through the years, and I have learned so much about the world of performance from her.  Laura’s enthusiasm for performing and the responsibilities she gave me have inspired me to be a more confident person and allowed me to venture out and become a part of other plays.  Laura is a fabulous teacher,  I would recommend her to anyone!

Yvonne Stahlmann

Laura is an extremely talented singer, actor, choreographer, director, and most of all teacher, of anything to do with dramatic arts.  I have known Laura personally and professionally for a number of years, and she has also taught all of my children, of which there are four. Laura is full of kindness and caring in all that she does, but most importantly, she is patient, particularly when dealing with children who have their minds in other places at that moment. She is a wonderful role model, and all my children just love her! It is always a sincere pleasure to be able to work with Laura, or to have my children work with her, as I know they will learn valuable life lessons, and always have a ton of fun and a positive outcome!  Whether it is swordplay, a tender touching moment, or a comedic sketch, Laura is always able to bring out the best in everyone she works with, and everyone enjoys working with her in return!

Kayla Valender

I came to now Laura through the Spacy program in Springwater Township.  During this time, I worked both her in the children's program and was directed by her in the youth program.  She was a wonderful instructor with both age groups, allowing and encouraging everyone to reach their true potential. 
Laura is an excellent leader and a role model for people of all ages.
With me personally, I greatly enjoyed all of my time spent with Laura.  She helped me increase my confidence and theater skills.  Her positivity brightened the room and made the stage a safe and friendly place.  I would be more than happy to work with er again and hope I get the chance to.


I really enjoyed the (Glee Club) program and had a lot of fun!  If you are doing it again next year I will definitely join.  I'll miss you until next year!  Thanks for letting me join!


Laura, thank you for being the best directer ever and putting me in fun skits like "Time Warp".
You have taken me on a very fun journey and the journey has ended unfortunately.  See you next year!

Starr Scott

It is our pleasure to write a recommendation for Laura LaChapelle.  She has been an employee of the Town of Wasaga Beach Parks and Recreation Department since 2012 to present.

During this time, Laura's position was to set up and operate our Performing Arts Children's Threatre Program.  I can't say enough about her enthusiasm and professionalism.  Her support was key to the creation, development and growth of this program.  Laura directed two performances and a variety show during this time.  Further she ran a summer Drama Camp for youth which also was a huge success.

Laura is a highly motivated individual who continuously goes above and beyond to ensure a safe and fun experience for the children in her care.  She is truly committed to her responsibilities always showing up on time and well prepared for her classes.  We found her to be exceptionally good with the children and have a positive rapport with her parents.

She acts as a positive role model to all who are involved in her programs and is a definite asset to our department.


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